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The RUCODEM website presents and offers information about the organisation.

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  1. Using cookies

The Cookie Policy is intended to inform you about the features and purposes of the cookies we use. On its website, RUCODEM uses cookies for various reasons. There are two broad but distinct categories of cookies: on one hand there are functional cookies; on the other hand, there is what we call “comfortable cookies.”

  1. Functionality Cookies, which are used to recognize the users coming back to our website. These cookies help us personalize the content of our website for you and remember your preferences (for example, cookies that mention the content you previously visited on this site or your email address and password provided during a previous visit to this site). Therefore, the use of Functional Cookies allows us to provide you with content tailored to your interests, not requiring a new registration or re-entering certain information in the registration forms when you return to this website. The comfortable cookies keep your preferences for statistical purposes to help you, accelerate and optimize your navigation.
  2. Analytical / performance cookies, that allow us to recognize and count visitors and find out how visitors are browsing our website. This type of cookies helps us improve the user browsing experience on our website so that they can find the information they are looking for easier.

In this context, cookies provide you with quality services during our visit to our website, and thus optimize its use. We also invite you to read our Privacy Policy. This includes the rules that apply to our site regarding privacy.


  1. RUCODEM Website: Cookies set up by this site are functional and only to improve website navigation.
Cookie name Purpose Deactivation of cookies
cookies strictly required
Viewed_cookie_policy This cookie is essential to our site, helping us retain the acceptance or refusal to use cookies This cookie cannot be deactivated.
Function Cookies. Session cookies



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b) Return the previously selected language

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  1. YouTube: These third-party cookies are saved on your device to allow us to embed YouTube videos

More information: YouTube Privacy Policy.