Cosmetics Europe Annual Conference – CEAC 2024 – details here

Want to know more about cosmetic ingredients? Or keep track of the ingredients in your cosmetic products? Download the COSMILE Europe App now! Available in more European languages – including Romanian. Find out more ⬇️ link.

Cosmetics Europe launches database of cosmetic ingredients
for European citizens - Press Release here

More information on the results of the new European Consumer Perception Study may be found on, twitter @CosmeticsEurope and also in this infographic.

The Logo website has been updated.

The Romanian version can be accessed here


“COVID-19: Cosmetics Europe – “Working together in crisis”

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“COVID-19: A.I.S.E.’s active role in support of the crisis"

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The A.I.S.E. Charter 2020+ is now officially open for upgrade and joining

A new brochure summarising all aspects is accessible via: