Romanian Union of Cosmetics and Detergents (RUCODEM) celebrates 20 years of activity

Millions of consumers from Romania use the products of RUCODEM members


Bucuresti, 14 march, 2017 – Romanian Union of Cosmetics and Detergenti Manufacturers (RUCODEM), non-governmental organisation, apolitical and non-profit, celebrates 20 years of activity. Formed, in present, by 22 members, who totals over 4.200 employees, the association represents, in Romania, companies active in the area of cosmetics products, detergents and cleaning and maintenance products. The celebration was marked by an event that took place on 14 March 2017, in Bucuresti, to which participated members of RUCODEM  organization, as well as their international omologues.

RUCODEM represents over 70% of the comsetics industry, over 75% of the cleaning products industry and approximately 90% of the total detergents from teh Romanina market. RUCODEM wishes to coninute to be a trusted partner for the governmental and non-governmental organisations in the benefit of consumers and enviroment”, declared Maria Camelia Sur, RUCODEM President.

Christine Boudet, Deputy Director General A.I.S.E. (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products) had highlighted three priorities of the detergents industry to focus at European level: the progress towards harmonised implementation of European legislation, dedication towards sustainability and importance of consumer education on sustainable and safe use of detergents.

John Chave, General Director Cosmetics Europe, added: „Our sector is committed both to the highest standards of safety, and to the development of innovative products that satisfy the needs and aspirations of our consumers.

According to the estimation of the organisations, cosmetics and personal care products of RUCODEM members reach daily to 14.000.000 consumers at home but also in numerous hairdressers and beauty salons. Same  estimations show that the detergents and laundry care products of the association’s members reach to over 8.000.000 households, and products for household cleaning and maintenances produced by member companies of RUCODEM are used in over 6.600.000 houses. Besides these, products of the union’s members active in the area of profesional cleaning and hygiene are used daily in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, a.o., to ensure clean and maintained spaces.

Since 20 years RUCODEM is a constant partner in the dialogue with governemental and non-governemental authorities, with view to legislationn and project in the area. Set in 1997, at the initiative of five companies, the organization has two major objectives: promoting the production and distribution of cosmetic products and detergenti in a safe way for consumers and environment, respectively supportinig the development of a legislative environment harmonised with the European Union directives with view to commercialisationn of comsetics and detergents.

As Active Member of Cosmetics Europe – The Personal care Association since 1998, the organisation benefits of the support of the expertise of the European association al EU level, recognised in the European Commission working groups as well as at international level. Since 1999, RUCODEM is Member of A.I.S.E. – The International Association of Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance products, benefiting of the knowledge of its experts appreciated and European Commission level.

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